qubuilder is an engine for all-purpose, no-code, app development. It integrates an easy to use interface with a solid ecosystem allowing development,testing and deployment seamlessly

Our platform provides the flexibility to create applications for mobile platforms (Android and iOS) as well as desktop (Windows, Linux and MacOS) without the need for technical knowledge, high development cost or long time. The platform involves a multitude of utilities in a simple interface that facilitates the creation process.

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qubtimetable is an intuitive and easy to use system, with the help of which you can view and manage your schedules. This system is intended for universities, schools and high schools, which can add their schedules on the website qubtimetable.com, and students and pupils will have access to them through the mobile application or web app.

By accessing this website, users will create an account with email and password, and everything will be ready to add schedules.

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About us

We are a small team of dedicated programmers working together to create a new way of bringing digital content to your users.