qubuilder is an engine for all-purpose, no-code, app development. It integrates an easy to use interface with a solid ecosystem allowing development,testing and deployment seamlessly

Our platform provides the flexibility to create applications for mobile platforms (Android and iOS) as well as desktop (Windows, Linux and MacOS) without the need for technical knowledge, high development cost or long time. The platform involves a multitude of utilities in a simple interface that facilitates the creation process.

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Grow with Qubuilder! Our variety of implementations can help your business make the first step towards digitalisation. Our solution has 3 components, each of them designed to enable your specific need. The desktop app is the place where you create and edit the apps, using tools and templates made specifically for you. The web portal enables you to create and keep track of data and traffic. Finally by using the mobile app, users are able to run and interact with the apps. This and so much more is available at the tip of your fingers only with QUBUILDER!

Qubuilder offers live data analytics plus our machine learning assisted technology learns and improves in order to provide you with the best pre built templates!

For more info about the scope of the project see Our Goal!

Proposed solutions shown bellow are the ways that our platform can be used in!

Note: Qubuilder is developing continuously and new features are added constantly, by using Qubuilder you can choose from the available features or request specific ones by contacting us at sales@qubuilder.com

Tracking Software

Track your processes with our integrated solution!

Create, start and manage processes! Customise your setup to best fit the team. An easy way to manage projects and tasks.Use our integrated task management software in order to save time and money! Enter our ecosystem and use our templates or create your own. Qubtracker also enables you to track every step of the manufacturing or fabrication process!

All these use cases are abstract and can be combined with one another using Qubuilder Engine, at the end of the day, your imagination is the only limit!

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